Lay back, relax, and let Ohana help relieve your pain and stress through Massage Therapy. Massage rejuvenates the body by increasing circulation, relieving muscle tension, relaxing the mind and renewing the soul.

Our professional and certified massage therapists are skilled in various massage techniques to customize each session to achieve your individual goals.

30 or 60 Minute Sessions are tailored to achieve your individual goals and integrates various massage techniques such as:

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage uses long gentle strokes, kneading movements and stretching to promote relaxation, improve circulation and increase range of motion while relieving muscle tension.

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage uses slow firm strokes and deeper pressure to alleviate pain and release chronic patterns of muscle stiffness.


Release works the deep fascia or connective tissue to alleviate pain, increase range of motion and balance the body.

(30 minutes: Upper or Lower Body) $45

(60 minutes: Full Body) $80

Add-on Services:


Add a 15-minute reflexology foot treatment to a 30 or 60 Minute massage.

(15 minutes) $25

Peppermint Foot Treatment

Peppermint Foot Treatment will pamper those precious feet with a gentle exfoliating scrub, warm towels to soothe and finish with a Peppermint massage to regenerate tired feet. You will leave with a spring in your step.

(15 minutes) $25

Bamboo Fusion

Take your massage to the next level with the addition of warmed bamboo. Enjoy a deeper massage in the areas of the body which need it the most.

(15 minutes: Upper Body) $25

(15 minutes: Lower Body) $25 

Specialty Massages:  

Facial Massage

Facial Massage focuses on the muscles of the face to increase circulation and stimulate nerve endings, bringing nutrients and moisture to skin cells helping to repair skin tissue while providing a healthy appearance.  Session includes a massage of the hands, arms and décolleté.  This massage is a great add-on to a 30 or 60 Minute massage or coupled with Reflexology.

(45 min session) $80 

Thai Herbal Press Massage

Thai Herbal Press Massage is a therapy utilizing hot herbal compresses applied along the body’s joints and acupressure points providing both muscular and mental relaxation.   The blend of traditional Thai herbs has an invigorating effect on the body and mind, soothing sore and over-worked muscles while providing a boost for the body's energy level.

(90 min session) $150

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